09 Dicembre 2022


DRUMS 3.5X3.5 GIG 3500
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The side planking and bottoms of our drums are realized in excellent african "Iroko" wood seasoned for long time.
All our frames are in cast iron, formed by four or six arms or giants on drums with a big size whose cross and arrangement in the form of the cross are shaped like a double T with four arms, widely shaped and leaning on the diameter of the drums, and finally connected in longitudinal sense by connecting rods in steel. Double additional radial connecting rods by means of square supports, they cage completely bottoms and planking, giving great stability to the drum.
All that, joined to an abundant hoop and the adoption of flat hoops on the head cross gruves, they guarantee tightness to the drum in the time and they allow of transmit remarkable twisting moments.

The toothed crown is also in cast iron milled on by means of modulus hobbing machine.

The transmission of the movement happens through moto reducers of our production. The speed of rotation of the drum can be managed by means of the inverter. The motors can be equipped with electronic device for the Soft - Start of the drum, in absence of the inverter.

The doors can be manual or hydraulic.
They are available on request:
- Counter heads, valves with a manual or hydraulic control, channel in resin glass for facilitate the operations of bath-discharge process and leathers washing;
- Predisposition for the workman ship with load the middle axle;
Ecological fittings for the Hair recycle and recovery;
- Fittings of automatic feeding of water of chemical products;
- Control of the PH;
- Management of the temperature of the bath.

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