09 Dicembre 2022

Vacuum dryer

Vacuum dryer
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The vacuum dryier unit is composed of two stainless steel working plates on which are laid the leathers to be dried. The drying operation is effected under vacuum to gear the evaporation of the water contained in leathers, at a low temperature.
The performance of this machine have been greatly improved thanks to the introduction of shrewdnesses that allows the water circulation in all the 4 condensers at the same time, so when the trolley slides from a working plate to other one finds the condensers already cooled.
This unit is fully automatic with a through - feed cycle, programmable timers and distinguishes itself for the dependability, reliability and the protection of the parts subject to corrosion.
The machines presented in the following models:
Duplomatic/5000, Duplomatic/6000, Duplomatic/7000, Duplomatic/7000x3000.
Duplomatic models are with a constant atmospheric drying pressure of l-kg/cm².
Each heating plate is equipped with two stainless steel condensers of high capacity with automatic air discharge. The depression chamber moves on to the two working plates alternatively by means of a slide trolley and has been designed to obtain a uniform pressure on the leathers independently to their thickness variations.
The filter group is composed of a set of stain-steel nets permitting the quick passage of steam.
The electric instruments panel is separated from the machine and on this are assembled all the general start - pushbutton, the observation and controlling instruments.
The electric instruments inside this panel are fully protected by thermal relays and fuses, while the translation - pushbuttons are fixed on the four corners of the trolley.
This machine is equipped with protections against accidents according to the safety regulations in force. A manual device permits to take off the leather during the drying operation during interruptions of electric power supply. The machine can be supplied with steam thermal feed or with hot water.

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