02 Febbraio 2023

Setting out and sammying machine

Setting out and sammying machine
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This machine, is particularly suitable for drying and sammying cattle skins (ox, cow, calf) of middle and heavy weight, after they have been dyed and greased, so as to prepare them in the most convenient way for the operation to came after, that is to say for drying, to be performed according the vacuum system or the pasting system. This one is operated entirely by hydraulics and is manufactured in working widths of mm. 2100 - 2700 - 3100.

The transport speed, according to the most modern designs, can be continuously adjusted, from 0 up to a maximum of 34 mts. per minute, by simply rotating a knob. From the point of view of the production efficiency, this has consented to adapt the machine to the various working requirements, so as to perform the drying and sammying operations in the shortest possible time.

The opening and closing of the machine is mastered by a hydraulic system. The connecting-rod system pivot on roller bearings and on ball-and-socket joints, which are protected from infiltrations of dampness and impurities and replace the traditional bushings, thus granting and endless life-time.

The drying pressure, adjustable from 3 to 22 tons, takes place when the machine is closed in order to avoid useless stresses which could damage the linkages.
The operation for the replacement of the felts sleeve on the pressure cylinder has been simplified and can now be performed very easily.

The operating cylinder, having stainless steel bladed stretchers, give the possibility of keeping their profile unchanged for a long time. The adjustment of the distance between the bladed cylinder, is simply effected by pushing a button, with the reading of the distance on the control board. The bladed cylinder is provided with a hydraulic device which allows the gradual approach of the same to the leather in closing phase; the quick removal and gradual approach in the reverse phase.
Such a device allows to avoid any mark on the leathers caused by the bladed cylinder during the above mentioned phase.
The wrinkle-flattening cylinder is independent, the rotation is apposite to the leather extraction, the speed is variable, in order to allow a better stretching out of the leather.
The box of the apparatus and electric controls, incorporated with the machine, is watertight.

The maintenance is reduced to a minimum. The lubrication of the whole hydraulic unit is automatic, while the other parts are very easy to reach. The machine can easily be adapted (on request) for performing only the sammying or only the setting-out operation: to this purpose, it is only necessary to replace the cylinder carrying the felt sleeve with a smooth cylinder. The operators assigned to the service of the machine can perform their work without any danger of being injured, thanks to the efficiency of a safety-table, properly located along the whole working face.

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