09 Dicembre 2022

Fleshing machine

Fleshing machine
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This machine resumes experiences of over 40 years in construction of fleshing machine. This last evolution is completely with hydraulic drives, it is extremely versatile and particularly suitable for the fleshing of big cattle skins with speed variant from 5 mt. to 60 mt.

The particular disposition of the rollers has been studied in order to obtain a considerable cut of the stress on the linkages for the opening and closing control of the machine.
Movements are, therefore, quicker and idle motions are consequently cut down to a minimum.
The opening of the machine can be automatic without manoeuvring the treadle. Such a self - acting device, electrically and hydraulically driven allows the opening time to be regulated according to the working requirements.

The pneumatic support roller , which decimal positioning toward the blade cylinder is automatized, has an adjustable elasticity patent GOZZINI 1906 TURINI GROUP Srl which consents to work with an absolute safety even when there are high variations in substances of the hides.
The feed rollers, actuated by hydro motors with axle pistons, are suitably grooved to allow the leather to be pulled in a perfect way. Their outer surfaces are covered with hard chrome which prevents from any possible deterioration even after many years of working.
The blade - cylinder grinding carriage is automatically driven when travelling by an hydraulic motor.

Driving mechanism are well protected by crankcases and they can be, therefor, easily checked accessible.
The machine is equipped with a double safety for the operators.
The working width is protected by a sensitive barrier and the treadles are double in order to consent the closing.
The main working parts of the machine, thanks to use of hydraulic controls are plentifully and lubricated. Therefore the maintenance required is cut to a minimum.

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