02 Febbraio 2023
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About us

Gozzini 1906 is a company leader in the production of tannery machines situated in the famous S. Croce S.A.(Pisa) leather area.

The proximity with tanners, the direct contact with tannery´s issues and the constant attention to technological innovation have permitted a constant improvement in the range of all produced machinery.

Origins of our company are dated at the beginning of the past century.
It is established in 1903 by Emilio Gozzini and his son Paolo as carpenter´s workshop were they build wine barrels and various farm tools.
Tannery activity is already present in our Country but it still has lacks and limits due to an handicraft handed down from father to son, devoid of suitable technological supports. It hardly able to take off having quite a medieval level of working methodology.
But very soon first drums appear improving and quickening tannery process. Gozzini starts building some of them. In fact the year "1906" reported in the company´s name refers to the date of one of the first written document regarding the transaction of a drum Gozzini understands that this technological innovation can represent a good chance and increases the staff.
During the war the company continues its activity.
Following the requests for war material it develops a machine shop near to the carpenter´s workshop.
At the end of the II World War with the growing economic recovery new tanneries appear, the existing ones develop and become bigger; in the methods of production we have the passage from vegetable tanning to chrome tanning. New machines are projected and produced.
Gozzini offers a wide range of machinery covering quite all the tannery working phases.
In the 60ies, the company lives in a particular blooming period. The company strengthens its commercial department, with new sales points in different countries of the world, from North Europe to South America, to Middle and Far East.
Presently the company, under the management of Turini group since 1994, is built on a surface of 9.000 sq. Mt and it is equipped with new technological tools which have permitted a further improvement in the quality level, a reduction in the production costs and major willingness towards the requests of more and more informed and demanding customers.

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